In time of uncertainty
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How to de-stress and fear less in a time of uncertainty…

A stressful situation is upon us and how you react will determine how you feel.

We are in this pandemic together and helping you and others at this time of need is crucial because not everyone knows how to de-stress or control the negative effects of FEAR.

The 3 techniques I talk about in the video are…

1. Power pose

2. Peripheral vision

3. Breathing

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Did you know adopting a different posture and how you breathe will change your emotional state and the way you use your vision will change your perception and feelings?

All this will indeed change the way you think and feel.

Your stress hormone, (cortisol) when at high levels can be detrimental to your health!

It can lead to your Immune system being suppressed and start to bring on other illnesses more easily

such as colds and flu

also with long durations it can lead to more severe illnesses.

In the video I will show you how you can do the 3 techniques and go into a bit about boosting your Immune system by activating your happy hormones.

Check out my previous post called D.O.S.E of happiness where you can find at least 20 ways to activate your happy hormones.

• Dopamine
• Oxytocin
• Serotonin
• Endorphins

Feeling good about yourself and everything around you will certainly give your Immune system a boost.

Exercise is proven to reduce stress and build up your Immune system and will also activate all of your happy hormones.

Check out this 5 minute exercise routine.

Good quality foods or adding supplements to your lifestyle will tremendously help you with setting up your Immune system to be stronger and feeling better about yourself.

Check out my website for all your nutrition needs and simply contact us here if you want a personal programme put together for yourself.

Mental health is at a all time high and will drastically be affected with what is going on with the coronavirus as we FEAR our future, jobs, money and isolation to name a few.

Our emotions play a big part in all we do and with everything going on, these emotions can start to get out of control.

It is my intention to give you some suggestions on how you can control your thoughts & feelings and in turn this will directly change your wellbeing into a positive pattern (good habit) to feel good about yourself and everything around you.

Looking after your physical and gut health is crucial to your mental and emotional health as it is all connected.

Just by applying a few tweaks in a short amount of time in your day, you can de-stress and fear less in a time of uncertainty.

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for anything you might need to know about increasing the positivity within your wellbeing.

There are many different types of techniques we can use to clear your negative emotions, even if you don’t know how they started.

Because it is the feelings we have in our bodies that lets us know we have a problem.

And you can change your emotions into how you want them to be…

“You have the power to feel good, no matter what happens”

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