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D.O.S.E. of happiness

Hey, how is everything going in your life; all positive I hope?

If not by the end of this blog you will learn how too feel happier in your life with strategies and techniques for enhancing your happy hormones, which in turn will directly change the way you can have a more positive outlook.

Your feelings, thoughts and outlook are deeply connected and go hand in hand as we will see. Have you ever felt down and noticed how everything around you seems negative or felt really good about yourself and everything around you looks positive?

The same with thoughts; when you are worried or stressing over a negative situation you feel down or have you ever thought of a positive situation and started to feel happier from the experience?

Its a feedback loop and will tremendously help you with setting up your day ahead with the mental energy needed for a more positive outlook and when you combine with your power pose first, where you lower your cortisol and increase your testosterone you certainly will have a positive impact on your emotions and mental wellbeing.

You must have noticed before when you are around certain people, you start to feel the same as them and this is the reason why you must have a strong positive emotional state because we really do have an emotional impact on the people around us.

We are 1/5 of our association and this could be feelings, income, mind set and many more attributes that can ultimately make you be, have and do the things in your life.

This is called entrainment and can be seen here with metronomes where they synchronise with each other and they don’t even have a heart.

heartmath.org have some very intense research on this and how we have a magnetic field that can be measured upto several feet in diameter around us.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

You have the power to feel good, no matter what is happening around you because happiness really does come from within and the reason why you shouldn’t let the outside stimuli affect your emotions, thoughts and feelings.

I have said this before and heard it many times over from my mentor David, anything out of your awareness is out of your control and if you are not aware of the outside influences, they, will control your life.

Happiness is a feeling we have inside of us all and you are more than capable of generating this, through knowing how to kick start your happy hormones.

We will now look into what is your happy hormones and how to generate them for naturally feeling better about yourself.

D.O.S.E. is an acronym for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

Dopamine is your natural reward system and is easily activated from accomplishing tasks and goals or you ticking off your bucket list; bigger the project, bigger the hit of dopamine.

Shopping can also activate your dopamine giving you an anticipation of reward and why sometimes hoarders continuously buy stuff they don’t need, their addiction for shopping is wanting more hits of dopamine.

The vanilla scent is used by car showroom outlets and the reason for this is that it activates dopamine and they know this because if they can get you too feel good when you are in the car, you are more likely to buy it.

When you are at work and have targets to hit, you also will release dopamine when you reach those targets, just like accomplishing your personal goals.

It’s good to always have small goals as well as big goals, so, you can continuously have a daily flow of dopamine.

For example: when you make your bed first thing, after getting up or doing the washing up straight after meals as this will also help with setting up good habits.

When you have low levels of dopamine, you are less likely to have the motivation for your life and can start to have a lack of enthusiasm, self-doubt and even start to procrastinate.

People don’t necessarily have mental blocks in their lives it is they just have no momentum and just like in The Law Of Attraction you have to have action and this will start your momentum in any endeavour.

10 more ways to release dopamine

Oxytocin: is known as the love hormone and you will get the biggest release from orgasms and the easiest way to release Oxytocin is by eating chocolate. This is why some women say “chocolate is the best substitute for sex”

When you give someone a hug, this also releases Oxytocin and longer the cuddle the more Oxytocin is released (minimum of 15-20 second)

Oxytocin is also known as the trust hormone and as you can see from the sex and cuddling why that is.

Being a good person and treating other people with kindness can release Oxytocin as well because of the trust you build within a social relationship.

This is also true with some dogs, you don’t only release it within yourself, you will also start releasing it in them as well and it is very helpful to know that it can reduce your stress (cortisol) and blood pressure and why there are therapy dogs.

Other benefits of dog therapy.

Neuroplasticity: Oxytocin is used in the brain and helps the brain to be more malleable for the ability to change.

This is a huge concept and will help you with setting up your new habits.


Did you know that there is more Serotonin made in the gut brain than in the head brain!

Yes, we have more than 1 brain.

Head brain, heart brain and 1 in your gut because they can all learn and remember.

There is actually more information sent from the heart to the head brain, than, the head brain sends to the heart.

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety because it could be from your gut brain.

I’ve been talking about this for years now because when I changed my diet, by supplements, it really did change the way I felt and the reason why I now give my body everything it needs (even on a cellular level) through nutrition.

Not only did my mood change, my energy levels are at a high and my mental health is a lot better just by giving my gut what it needs because this has helped too produce more Serotonin.

Meditation is also a great way to lower your cortisol and increase your Serotonin levels and science is really starting to catch up with the art of meditation and all of its health benefits.

Exercise; we all know exercise is good for you and can lift your mood, this is known even more for runners as it is called The Runners High because after about 15 minutes all of your happy hormones are activated.

Getting out in the sun for just 20 minutes a day can help produce more Serotonin and you can also get vitamin D from the sun.

You may of heard of S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) which is a type of depression and the reason for this is because of the shorter days of sunlight.

Endorphins: We all smile the same language and when you are happy and smiling you release Endorphins.

Be happy about yourself, your life, job, relationships and never stay anywhere that makes you feel sad because it has the most detrimental effect on your health.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine and this is true enough to be true, as you may well understand, when you laugh you produce happy hormones.

Look into Dr Bruce Lipton epigenetics and the nocebo effect and how people are making themselves ill by being unhappy.

The biggest take away I took from my research on Endorphins was its effect on pain because pain comes from the same area in the head brain and just like an opioid it can block the transmitting of the pain signal.

So, just like we are increasing our happy hormones it is good practice to lower your stress hormones and by understanding what is actually going on inside of us, listening to our emoitions and acting accordingly, then you will have a certain degree of EI (emotional intelligence) and the reason why most leader success is based more on EI/EQ than IQ.

If you make these practices; Positive Patterns (habits) you will naturally be in a happier state and will change your perception on what is happening, giving you a more positive outlook in your reality.

Then you have the choice and power to make yourself and everyone around you feel happier.

I know you can’t please everyone and that’s fine because some people are only happy when negative, due to them being more familiar with those feelings but just know even if people don’t respond in a positive way back to you, you will still have activated your own happy hormones inside of yourself.

Sometimes, you will have people trying to be negative or put you down and depending on how you respond will affect the way you feel, so respond in a positive way and let the other person keep their negative feelings.

Unfortunately, we normally default to negative thoughts and feelings when our will power has gone, which is determined by how much sleep you have and your blood sugar.

Check out Roy Baumeister willpower talk

It’s good practice to keep your energy levels up and, put into action Positive Patterns (habits) for your life because as I said before, there are outside influences that want to control how you act.

We naturally have our own positive resources to call upon and when you know how to activate them you can have a more positive emotional state, anytime, anywhere.

Try this exercise to get yourself into a particular positive state through your own body posture and breathing.

You might want to have someone talk you through the process for maximum impact because the better your focus and absorption in the process, the better your outcome.

Its normally better to stand but possible when sitting.

Close your eyes (optional, depending on how you like to visualise)

Simply, think and remember a time in your life, when you set a goal for something you realy wanted.

you made a plan for that goal,

you put the plan into action

and you, completed the plan and accomplished what you wanted and felt absolutely amazing for getting it.

Now, in your minds eye; using your imagination.

See, what you saw.

Hear, what you heard.

Even, remember what you were smelling and tasting at the time.

Now, start to notice how easily your positive feelings are now flowing through your body.

And now, be aware of your breathing and body posture because as you go through this process, your physiology will move into what we call, your natural positive body posture.

Once you have your own particular breathing pattern and posture, stay in that position for at least 2 minutes.

After the 2 minutes (minimum) open your eyes and notice how your outlook is more positive and how much better, you are feeling all over.

The more you practice the technique, the quicker and easier it will become and then you can start to feel happy on demand; just by getting into your particular body posture and breathing pattern.

There are many techniques to help you change your feelings for a more positive outlook with us, and, if you are interested in knowing more, simply CONTACT US here because we offer all prospective clients a free 30 minutes consultation to determine if your case is a fit for our methods.

We’ll discuss strategies and tactics to help you get your case resolved, in the shortest amount of time possible.

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent“-Eleanor Roosevelt

You’ve got the power to feel good, no matter what happens!