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Daily stretches

We all know when you go to the gym, you need to warm up and stretch before exercising and it should be the same for when you start your day or work especially if you’re in an active job.

The importants of movement and stretching is crucial to your body for it will help you to become more flexible, prevent injury and help with sleeping.

Movement and stretching is very good for releasing stress and tension which can build-up over time.

More movement can help with your energy levels too because more you do to wake your body up, the more energy you build; its a feedback loop.

It’s important, you always warm up just before stretching because muscles are more elastic and less prone to tear.

Aim for a five minute warm up before you stretch, this could be a short jog, skipping or gentle exercising.

There are many practices that promote stretching, for instance yoga and palates which are a great way for conditioning your body for flexibility and strength.

Spending 15 -20 minutes of exercise a day can be very beneficial to your physical and mental health because you will start activating your happy hormones and releasing your stress.

By lowering your cortisol and building more testosterone you will also help your mental wellbeing because you are less stressed and have a more assertive outlook which means you can feel more confident in any situation.

Do you suffer from restless leg syndrome or cramp?

Stretching can help prevent these symptoms and other kind of spasms your body can get.

Always remember to drink plenty of water or a hypotonic drink to make sure you are hydrating yourself properly as this will also help with cramp.

Having suffered from a injured back, I found stretching and movement was one of the fundamental processes for my recovery as well as making sure I have the right NUTRITION for repairing my body.

We all have aches and pains in one way or another and if you are in pain through injury then stop what you are doing and seek medical attention, if you are in pain through aching then simply push through.

Only after the pushing through, you will start the growth process and as safety is always first, don’t over do it and stay within your capability.

In this VIDEO are some basic movements for you to try plus power pose and there is a lot more variation on the internet if you desire to take more action or CONTACT US for more details.

Here is a 5 minute workout VIDEO with warm up and stretches.