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Pain is a part of life, suffering is optional.

We now know pain is certifiably 100% produced in the brain and simply are signals to let you know that something is going on; just like your other feelings and emotions.

With your discomfort, it will send neuron path pain signals and when they fire together they eventually wire together. Which means the signal is stronger and can be activated more easily.

This is especially true with chronic pain.

understanding pain

Both your physical and emotional pain actually come from the same part of the brain and why sometimes you can be prescribed amitriptyline which is an antidepressant and is also widely used to treat neuropathic pain.

Has your doctor ever said

“you will just have to live with your symptoms”

because most doctors don’t know how to teach you how to feel better.

And this is certainly where complementary therapist can help because we incrementally help you with your complete wellness in feeling better in any situation.

How about that; how would you like to be able to feel better about yourself by feeling more assertive, positive and relaxed on demand?

People have been using complementary therapies for thousands of years and the pharmaceutical companies about 100yrs.

I’m not a medical doctor and can not diagnose you or tell you to stop taking any recommended prescriptions from your doctor.

Just take in account that there are other ways to deal with the symptoms of pain, illnesses, & trauma.

I can teach you how to retrain yourself for changing your emotions and pain without drugs and then you can see your doctor about reducing prescription drugs.

Let’s take fibromyalgia where it is said that there is no cure and this is so because they just don’t know how to treat it with tablets and medical care.

This is how complementary therapies can help and without the drugs as well.

Here is my 7 step wellness plan which I use and can be for fibromyalgia or any other painful situation you might be in.

1, See a chiropractor and make sure you spine is as straight as it can be, this will help with your nervous system to send your signals more fluently.

2, Talk to someone who knows pain elimination techniques that are drug free because this will help with the pain you have and no side effects.

(This can be for physical or emotional)

3, Concentrate on your sleep; quality and quantity. Now as you know about pain relieving techniques it will be easier for you to sleep.

4, Look into getting the right food’s and nutrition with low glycemic index and staying away from processed foods with no nutritional or energy value.

5, Exercise and movement, this can be the hardest part of the whole process except even for just a short amount of time and a little exercise can help.

6, Lower you stress, eliminate anxiety, anger and other negative feelings with emotional state control.

7, Have a negative emotional clearing session to clear the trauma or any other feelings that may have been the cause of your symptoms.

There are many techniques to get yourself to a desired state and once you have learnt them, you will be able to use them for the rest of your life.

Power poses is the first technique I teach everyone.

(EFT) Emotional freedom technique (tapping)

Is good for releasing emotions which can be linked to physical symptoms.

Here is a version that I use with my clients.

Emotional freedom technique

You just need to pay attention to your body, learn from what it is telling you and take action from what we are supposed to learn because that is when you get your results.

Pain is there to get your attention because how else is your body able to talk to you. (The same way as your other feelings and emotions)

On the plus side you don’t have to live with chronic pain.

If the injury or situation has healed or resolved itself, then there is only the triggers and thought processes left; for we now know that your thoughts can heal or damage your physical health.

When you say things like “I am in pain” you are identifying with it and when you say “I have a pain” you have misidentified with it and will have a completely different perspective and can even feel less pain.

The thing is, when you know how to change your emotions and/or pain without drugs and don’t use the techniques, it is then that you are addicted to your pain because you are more familiar with the symptoms.

Its not your fault because you may not have ever been taught how to feel and you will learn how to, after having a emotional state control session with myself or anyone else who has this knowledge.

Like it was said at the beginning pain is 100% produced in the brain and by using our brain or subconscious you are able to retrain and control the pain more effectively with your own techniques.