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How to set goals?

“Your world and everything in it, is a reflection of your own mental attitude towards yourself”

Earl Nightingale

Now being aware of this concept, you will certainly understand the importance of having goals because the purpose of any goal is the same: to have an objective on which you can focus, for which you can strive to be the best version of yourself in the life you want and by building a Pleasurable Positive Mental Attitude towards yourself as you achieve your goals.

A goal is an outcome you want to happen, something you’re willing to work for that is attainable.

What is an attainable goal? You ask!

An attainable goal, is a target in which you are actually able to reach within your lifetime.

Here are the five steps in creating your goals.

1, Decide on the change you would like.

2, Writing a plan of your process.

3, Planning your strategies.

4, Taking Action.

5, Support.

When setting your goals make sure that they are selfish and specific to you because you can only change things for yourself which means you have to be selfish before you can be selfless because the reason for this is; who’s life gets better when you become better?

1, Decide on the change you would like.

This list is not limited and there may be more depending on your own life and situation, except these are the main ones I work with, within our session, so you will now understanding what are examples of personal goals?

Emotional goals:

Your emotional health is just as important as your physical and mental health.

Maintaining healthy emotions can simply be with having less stress and anxiety from being in more control over what is happening in your life.

There are many techniques that I teach for relieving the stress and anxieties that hold you back and can be learnt in one session.

Staying on top of your daily chores, workload, learning plus getting 6-8 hours of sleep with healthy eating and exercising, will also keep your stresses and anxiety at bay.

Physical goals:

E.G. House, car, holidays etc…

These are what comes after the money because money is just a means to an end.

What type of house would you like to live in?

Is there a specific car you want to drive?

Where would you like to visit; go on holiday?

Do you have a hobby?

Spiritual goals:

Taking timeout for yourself.


Tai chi.

Self hypnosis.



Unlearning your programming.

Spirituality is not fixed, so look deep inside yourself for what you are really looking for.

Intellectual goals:

Personal development.

Be engaged in learning new things.

Be curious.

Get creative.

Read for pleasure.

Meet with like minded people.

What mentoring will you need?

Bob Proctor has some very interesting ideas about intellectual personal development.

Health & Fitness:

Most important.

Would you like to lose/ gain weight?

Eat more healthier options.

Learn how to cook from fresh.

Going to the gym or just doing 20 minutes a day of general exercise.

Run 5/ 10K or a marathon.

Learn how to play a sport.

Exercising needn’t be hard or difficult, check out my website Blog here.

Social goals:

Your network and friends.

What type of people do you want to be around?

What about your life partner?

What recreational activities will you participate in?

How will you give back to your community?

Financial goals:

Would you like to simply become financial independent?

How much money do you need to live the life you want?

Are you able to do it through working for someone else or your own business because profits are better than wages.

There are only two ways to make money; people at work or money at work.

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, will be one of the best things you will ever listen to for financial personal development.

There are better ways to make money than working for someone else.

For example: find a personal service that most people use and become very good at it by starting your own business within the specific field.

(This is what I have done with a Wellness MLM company, which is done from home and can make you financially independent and you don’t have to put in the 40 hours a week in to do it because you can simply do it along side your normal day job until the income is suitable for your needs and then you can easily give up your day job because you have enough income to cover your wants and needs.

Press here, If you want to know more and all you need to do is Message me for the password.

Before you set any goals it is best to ask yourself some questions first about what you want and here are 7 questions that we go through in my Law of Attraction workshop.

You need to focus beyond the goal and think about the results of the result and how attaining your goal makes you feel.

For this example and throughout the goal setting process we will use weight loss because everyone can relate.

1, What do I want?

(Lose weight)

2, What will manifesting this goal enable me to do?

(To be actively fit and healthy)

3, What will I be doing once I have succeeded in getting what I want?

(Fitting into my favourite clothes, playing in the park with my children, running a marathon, going on holiday)

4, What will I see, hear, feel, be thinking, saying to myself; to others? Is there any taste or smells.

(Looking in the mirror, listening to your favourite music and feeling great physically/mentally and emotionally, thinking to yourself “yes, that was so worth the effort because I now look and feel fantastic”

Smelling and tasting your favourite cake as a reward for reaching your goal)

5, How will I be standing/ sitting? (Body posture)

(Standing tall and confident)

Once you have got it, ask!

6, What is important about my goal?

(I have my health at a safe level for not having as many illnesses issues)

7, What will manifesting this goal, emotionally do for me ?

(Happy, confident, successful because I am now fitter & healthier)

The emotional response is what you are looking for and by going through the 7 question process your outcome will become apparent, especially if you stand in the body posture of how you will be and simply use your imagination to see & hear what is happening and feel how your emotions will be once you have attained your goal.

The reason for this is to feel what you want is really what you want because how else are you going to know if something is going to make you feel happy, when you don’t already have it?

In the Law of Attraction workshop we program your goals quicker into your subconscious mind, so it becomes your dominant thoughts more quickly because your dominant thoughts are in your subconscious and not your conscious thoughts.

Law of attraction workshop recording

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When you know how you will feel when you have your goal, it is then time to plan it out, exactly like I teach in my Life Coaching session.

2, Writing a plan for your process.

Now get a sheet of paper (writing your goals out on paper, will take the emotion out of the process and you will be able to look at them objectively) at the top of your page write goal and put a line down the middle and on the left hand side write:

Where in your life you would like to set a goal?

Now on the right hand side write:

Health & fitness.

Now in the left hand side write:

What change would you like?

Now in the right hand side write:

Lose 5/10/20kgs

Depending on how much fat you would like to lose because weight loss is about fat loss because with my own journey I have managed to put on over a stone of muscle, which in turn has made me heavier.

Now in the left hand side write:

What will the change help with?

And in the right hand side write at least 3-5 things that you value for implementing the change you desire.

Feeling more comfortable and confident about my body.

Being able to be more active.

Fitting into my favourite clothes.

More energy.

Less illnesses.

Better mental health (it’s all connected)

Healthy looking skin/hair/nails.

Being and feeling fitter and healthier.

Now in the left hand side write:

What is the timeframe?

And in the right hand side write:

For example, if you want to lose 12kgs (almost 2 stone) at an average of 1kg per week, it would take approximately 3 months.

Now in the left hand side write down:

How will you know? Measure.

And in the right hand side write:

Using tanita scales for body composition. (Fat loss)

Tape measure, to see how many cm’s have gone forever.

Fitting into my old favourite clothes.

I feel happier.

I am actually able to do more physically.

Friends and family, telling me how amazingly well I am looking.

Now in the left hand side write:

Is the goal realistic?

And in the right hand side write down:

Yes it is because it feels good when I am talking about it and something I can do.

If you feel uncomfortable when talking about it, there may be some obstacles that need addressing!

E.G. Not knowing what nutrition and foods to have or what exercises that you are capable of doing.

(You can easily Contact me for more information on this subject)

Maybe there are certain stresses that need taking care of, which are giving you a negative outlook.

These are issues we can easily deal with in my M,E,L,T. session. (Mind, Emotion, Liberation, Techniques.

This is what we would call S-M-A-R-T goals .

What does SMART stand for in goals?

Specific (weight loss/ 12kgs)

Measurable (weigh ins)

Achievable (1kg per week)

Realistic (something you can do)

Time (3 months)

You plan will now look like this…

3, Planning your strategies.

Just like we have done a chart for your goal, we will now make a another chart for your strategy.

So, grab another piece of paper and write at the top weight loss strategy, and draw a line down the middle and on the left hand side of it write:

Where am I now?

Now in the right hand side write down your present weight.

E.G. 85kg

Now, in the left hand side write:

What is my vision/motivation?

Now in the right hand side write:

To get a 6 pack. (Ab’s)

For a wedding.

To be able to run about with my children.

To be physically active.

Feeling better about myself.

More vitality.

Now in the left hand side write:

What are my challenges?

And in the right hand side write down, what could be stopping you.

(Most of the time your challenges are just a skill you don’t have yet)

Busy life.

Not knowing how to cook.

Not knowing what Health plan is best for me.

Don’t know what exercises are best for my regime.

Stressed and having negative thoughts.

Lack of confidence.

Now in the left hand side write:

What Planning do I need to do?

And in the right hand side write:

Get a gym membership.

Make a suitable food plan.

Bulk cook good healthy nutritious foods.

Look into supplementing for specific needs.

Buy a diary.

Setting smaller goals to achieve the main goal.

Learn how to deal with stress.

Now in the left hand side write:

What resources, skills and strengths do I have?

And in the right hand side you can write about what skills and strengths you already have.

What books will you need to read or what courses can you take?

Is there someone you can ask for help or is there a mentor who has already helped others in what you want to do, like myself that can simply help?

Now in the left hand side write:

How will I make time?

And in the right hand side write:

Time management.

Getting up earlier.

Less television/internet.


In the left hand side write:

When do I start?

And in the right hand side write:


Just do it.

Start now.

Now, in the left hand side write:

How can I integrate, what I want with what I’m already doing and maintain it?

Now in the right hand side write:

Cook healthy foods.

Stop having too many take aways.

Take the stairs instead of the lift.

Walk to the shops.

Have a gym buddy.

Plan my day/week/months in advance.

Keep written goals on me at all times and read often.

Keep fit daily by doing my exercises.

De-stress with self hypnosis.

Now in the left hand side write:

How will I celebrate?

And in the right hand side write:

Buying new clothes.

Going on holiday.

Eating out at my favourite restaurant.

Your strategies will now look like this…

4, Taking action.

Research the best nutrition and foods that will sustain your regime.

Get a mentor or someone who can hold you accountable.

Visualise daily, what you want your outcome to be.

Always think in present tense just as if you already have completed your goal. (Big factor in goal motivation)

Make a dream board.

Start learning any new skills you may need.

Write down in your diary, the steps you will be doing daily.

(If need be, chunk down your goal into smaller goals and remember the SMART goal system)






Once you have created your goal and know what you want, draw up another chart with a line down the middle and written at the top which goal you are going to accomplish.

On the left hand side write:

Why I can’t

And on the right hand side write down;

How I can

Now under the words Why I can’t draw a large X.

Now there’s no place to record the ideas in to which you think; why you can’t.

Then you will have a brainstorming session for many different ways you can put a plan together for you to reach your goal, for this part write any and all ideas. No matter how simple or silly it may seem because one idea can lead to another.

5, Support.

Before you ask for support ask yourself “what can I do, what can I read” because you might already have the answers and can save yourself a lot of time and money.

I have found that there are 4 types of support you can receive.

1, Family & friends

2, Groups

3, Mentoring

4, Online Courses

1, Family & friends.

Sometimes It can be hard and lonely when you first start out, especially if your family and friends don’t know that you are actually going through a life change.

It is best just to tell a few people what is going on and have support from them because unfortunately not everyone will understand your personal journey.

Especially if its a new idea because like the old saying goes “a person with a new idea is a fool, until that idea succeeds”

Once you have set your goal in motion and are seeing results then you can start telling more people as then they might want to know how you did it.

2, Groups.

There are also groups that can help which will have like minded individuals and these can be great because everyone is aware of what is happening and will have different ways to help improve your life as some of these people may have had the same issues and can tell you how they succeeded.

Meet up is a great place to find such groups.

3, Mentoring.

This is where people like me have had training in the issues you are having and in some cases, we have had the same problem and have gone through the processes ourselves, as well as helped many others, which means we have many solutions to your problem and can teach you them in a quicker time.

Contact me for a free consultation

4, Online courses.

The online courses that are available nowadays are very helpful in achieving your goals and support the information that you are searching for; since they can teach you valuable techniques that can enhance your life skills and your awareness about how things are because anything out of your awareness is out of your control.

NLP Power has helped me the most throughout my own personal journey and would highly recommend everyone to just check out and see what is possible for yourself.

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