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How I went from Doctor to Dr.

Having a need for pain killers is certainly good in some cases and not so good in other cases, which is essentially the same for all pharmaceutical drugs.

Over 4 years ago, I was in a work related accident in the vehicle I was driving painfully causing whiplash to my neck and injury to my back plus resulting in getting shooting pains across my body.

With hardly any support from my employer at the time to ease my job; I simply started to spiral into a depressive state because I was finding it hard to balance my job & life with the injury and pain that was incredibly causing me so much discomfort.

Taking pharmaceutical drugs has never been a thing I actually encourage because of the side effects (if medication has more side effects than the problem it solves then it doesn’t sound like good medicine) except I was having trouble working, daily tasks and enjoying time with my children.

I decided to go to the Doctors for pain relief, after having been to the Physio therapy session and they said yes, you have an injury and told me to do exercises. (without actually giving me any specific exercises) 🤔 the doctor agreed to give me pain killers and I started to use them.

Amitriptyline was the one I was told would help with depression and the pain and these just made me want to sleep; (at least I’m not in pain) these were no good because I’m either sleeping or just feel tired and not really thinking about anything.

So, I go back to the Doctors and was then given Co-Codamol for the day time and to take the amitriptyline at night and that didn’t even touch the pain.

Back to the Doctors it was and then given zapain and they were great for the pain because I couldn’t feel pain in my neck or back or any other part of my body which normally would be a good thing for the pain, then everything else eventually started to creep in; feeling sick, dizziness, headaches, more sleepiness, stomach aches, constipation and a feeling of disorientation and also starting to feel anxious because of what my future was looking like and getting more depressed as things were not looking good. (Well at least I wasn’t in any physical pain)

My life before the accident was a good one, I have two amazing children and now a grandson from my daughter who keeps me busy, I liked the jobs I worked and had great relationships with my friends.

My pastime is DJing and making music 🎶 of the rave techno type and had some regular unhealthy habits with stimulating drugs and weed at that time. (which I thought was a good idea)

My life after the accident was an upward struggle and worth every obstacle that was put in the way.

I was having trouble with my job as not being able to drive because of the pharmaceutical drugs I was on, my Music stopped as I couldn’t concentrate and was not going out to clubs DJing as I could not stand for long periods or parties, socialising even not seeing other friends (just from some association the illegal drugs stopped) and the worst part was not being able to physically interact with my children and grandson.

This was having a severe affect with my physical health and depression not to mention what the pharmaceutical drugs were doing to my gut health and neurology which in turn has a great deal to my mental health state because of the stresses with my physical, emotional and chemical (foods & drugs) wellbeing were not good.

Having been a chef for over a decade in my younger years I always knew the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods and have eaten well over the years and even though I was eating healthy I wasn’t able to feel good about myself through foods alone because of the prescribed drugs were making me feel sick.

Initially I just wanted off the pharmaceutical drugs and the only way to do that was to fix my back and neck from the pain. So, I went back to the Physio and had seen someone else and she gave me some exercises to help for strengthening & stretching and told me to build up slowly and advised swimming was good. I then joined a gym and started swimming and exercising.

I kept seeing people drinking a milkshake type drinks after they had been working out and asked about them and was told they are for building and repairing your body because of the damage done and thought this would be great for my back and neck which led me to buy some from the shop and start taking.

After a while of taking the shakes I didn’t really feel much better although I was becoming stronger through the exercising and thought it must be doing something for me.

A friend then introduced me to a private Physiotherapist for I was still on the drugs for pain and not living life in a happy way. He found I had a trapped nerve and sorted it straight away, I still had pain in my back but all shooting pains gone and neck feels so much better for moving.

I went back a week later for a check up and told him; I was able to come off the drugs during the day and just taking amitriptyline at night to help sleeping from the back pain and helps with my depression & anxiety. (Only if the other Physio’s knew what to do, then half my pain would have been sorted well over a year before)

Now when I would go to the gym I had more go in me from not taking Pharma drugs during the day and because the amitriptyline was only at night I seemed to have a certain mental calm about me (it was like being on level one of my life) which was helping me with the negative thoughts I was having from being depressed.

By this time my grandson Danny was now born and I thought my children are having children and I want to play and run with him because although I was becoming stronger, I was still far away from playing and running about with my children and having a fulfilled life.

Then one day I woke up and said to myself “this is enough” and decided to not let this beat me as I was like a zombie in my head and felt like shit with no future ahead.

I swapped the amitriptyline for weed and had a joint before bed instead as I knew you can get pain relief from weed plus I would sleep better and not feel like a zombie the next day and still having pain in my back during the day I persevered with the exercising and relaxed more in the sauna and getting regular massages seemed to ease myself.

Personal development has always been something I have done since young and decided to notch it up a gear starting with more hypnosis and retraining my brain as it felt like all of my desires were gone and life was nothing but a negative outlook from what my life was like and taking the pharmaceutical drugs that numbed me; didn’t help.

This is when I came across my now best mentor David Snyder and immediately started to learn he’s way because it dealt with pain and emotions and not just the mind like a lot of other people I have listened to before. After watching most of he’s YouTube videos and taking his courses I had a fantastic experience with myself by understanding pain & emotions and learning how to control them.

Fast forward to now; I have received well over 300 hours of training from a uk hypnotist Dr Jonathon Royle and been certified with four distinctive protocols.

M.E.L.T. (Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques)

CMT (Complete Mind Therapy)

C.U.R.E.D (Complete Unconscious Reprogramming for Emotional Distress & dis-ease)

P.E.A.C.E (Physio/psycho Energetic Alignment of Changing Emotions)

plus have become a Reiki master/teacher and having got a degree in metaphysics and that’s not counting the hundreds of hours for seminars, books, nutrition, health and fitness diplomas and audio trainings as well.

Having found these techniques I was starting to redevelop myself from the inside out, to be, have and do the things I wanted in my life.

This was starting to give me a more positive outlook for my future as I worked hard on myself.

I learned how to control the physical pain and now on a scale 0-10 I’m at a 0-1 for it helps to remind me not to over do it with exercising.

I’ve eliminated my depression & anxiety with M.E.L.T, mindfulness, qigong and exercise.

After about a year, I met and started talking to an old friend at the gym and he was talking about the nutrition he was taking and how he felt really good. I explained that I was taking nutrition for post exercising and didn’t feel like he was expressing.

I was interested in feeling better with the nutrition because like I said before about the foods alone was not giving me the the feel good factor and he explained that the nutrition he was having, is not just for post workout.

I was given a Herbalife Nutrition trial pack which I thought was just for weight loss (Herbalife’s extremely plant based shake & vitamins has everything your body needs) and started to feel a whole lot better within myself and then after joining the company to get my products cheaper, I started using Herbalife’s other supplements and that’s when everything changed.

My energy shot through the roof, my physical health rapidly improved and started to put on healthy weight (1stone of muscle) and feeling fitter than when I was 21 plus I could feel my mental health was improving; giving me a new outlook on life and a future I was happy about because I was becoming the best version of myself.

Now after becoming my best I thought to myself, WoW this is the best feeling ever, and wanted to help others to be able to feel good about themselves. Just like me.

That is the reason why I became knowledgeable in nutrition, fitness, emotional and mental health by passing my diplomas and getting a degree entitling me to the title Dr.

I now help you by nutrition (gut health) exercising (physical health) hypnosis, nlp and reiki (emotional & mental health) which is the 3 brains of your body and when all three are healthy and aligned your entire world can change. Just like mine has.

Its crazy to think that from the most negative event to happen to me has turned into the most positive outcome I could ever dream of and that is how I went from Doctor to Dr. (The short version)