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Get off the medication and get on the vegetables

I’ve been learning from this Dr for a while now and all that he says is so right 👍🏼

I was on 4 types of drugs and after really understanding my own body and becoming healthier through better nutrition and getting 100% of my RDA everyday, exercising, Qigong plus emotional state control; I no longer have the meds and actually saved money because that’s what all the doctors are about 😐

There is no money is dead or healthy people for the big pharmaceutical companies and because we are brought up believing that the medical doctors are always right, we go with what they say 🤔

Well their not, they don’t get the right nutritional training and are taught about tablets for the effects and not curing the causes 😤

They get about 40 hours of training in nutrition, I’ve easily learned that much this year alone 🤓

Don’t get me wrong as I know some illnesses can greatly benefit from tablets, except its all the counter effect tablets that make it worse 🤒

When I worked for the NHS, the amount of tablets patients would take home was ridiculous, luckily at the moment people get their medication free and when you have to pay for your medication in other countries you pay extortionate money for them 🤑

And the way things are going, we might have to pay soon. My advice is get healthier and get off any unwanted medication especially anti depressants (even more so if you have been on them for a while)

You have the power within to help and heal yourself. I know because I have done it and you can too 😍

Check the link below and other videos from Dr. John Bergman.

Not all medication is good for you.