Emotional health, Further learning, Gut health, Mental health, nutrition, Physical health


  • The complete Package: Gut, Physical, Emotional & Mental health for the life you want.

Program Structure can be  broken down into separate sessions if required.

Free consultation.  Pre Talk:

How the program works and showing you what I do is a fit for what you want, for the pending issue.

Session 1.  M.E.L.T:

(can be non content)

NLP style techniques. Finding where your problem may be. (if unknown) Consciously removing anger, stress, depression, anxiety, negative feelings plus learning lessons and losing the story and the many more symptoms you can resolve.

Session 2  C.U.R.E.D:

Hypnotherapy. General & Specific Negative clearing from the inside out.

State Control, Activating Happy Hormones; Eliminating negative Emotions and replacing with positive Emotions.

Chakra Clearing:  2 sessions

(only if  booked)

NON Smoker:  3 weekly sessions

(only if booked)

Virtual Gastric Band:  10 weekly sessions

(only if booked)

Session 3  Complete Mind Therapy:

Learn about self Hypnosis and Reiki for eliminating your negative feelings of everyday problems which cannot be resolved by you.

Foods & Nutrition : Ideal weight food Plans and a personally customised scan for your body composition.

Session 4  P.E.A.C.E

The complete holistic approach using the way of the world with your own mind – body power.

Spiritual teachings have been taught for thousands of years and now with science catching up we can harness the understanding and use the power within by the way of your own energy.

Session 5 Psychotherapy:

Talking therapy for understanding what is going on in your life and the situations that are keeping you from being happy.

Session 6  Life coaching and business planning.

Are you finding it hard to find your purpose?

Here we will explore your attributes and skills to see what you need for you to be, have and do what you want in your life to succeed.


Fitness for all Fit Club: Complete Body Workouts for you, no matter which fitness level you are at and incrementally becoming fitter and stronger every week.

We workout outdoors for the ultimate fitness course at various places.

Contact me first to make sure you know where we are.

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