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How can I lose weight fast?

The best way to lose weight fast is by stop doing what is contributing to the weight.

Sounds simple enough but not always easy.

The main contributor to weight gain is your lifestyle from what you eat and how active you are; by having nutritious healthy foods and daily exercise you will be able to sustain your ideal weight because the daily habits you are doing, either help or hinder your weight.

To eliminate weight fast is not a healthy way to look at it because you need to know the dynamics of fat V’s muscle. When working with my clients we concentrate on eliminating fat and gaining muscle because muscle is a good aid for burning fat and not concern ourselves with the weight.

When you look at the time scale of how long it took to put the weight / fat on and how much time it will take for you to eliminate it. The weight you will lose, is quickly done.

Adults gaining an average of 3-5lb a year over 10 years is 30-50lb (2.1-3.5 stone) and when you want to eliminate it, we will work towards eliminating 2-3lb a week and over the duration of 20 weeks. Then you would of eliminated 40-60lb (2.8-4.2 stone)

Regarding on how to eliminate weight fast is up to you, depending on, how determined you are and what can be stopping you. As you can see in the time scale. 10 years to gain the weight and less than 6 months to eliminate it; I would say “you have eliminated the weight fast”

Foods and exercise are the contributor to your weight and what you need to understand about your part in all of this, is, you have complete control over what you eat and how often you exercise

Ouch to yourself but true.

Look at your daily habits and see what you can change plus also realise what is going on in the world for the reason why you could have excess weight.

The foods and drinks in the shops are marketed to you, to look healthy and it is only once you read the labels, it then becomes obvious that theyare not as healthy as the companies likes to make out.


Supplements are successful in helping you target the right nutrition for your own needs, depending on your health goals because most foods alone are not enough to sustain your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) as the nutritional value has dropped immensely in most foods, due to the mass production in the world today and how it is shipped & stored.

Being active as well has declined due to our sedentary ways of working.

Where years ago it took 50% of the people in the world to farm and feed the other 50%, then it all changed as farming and the industries to follow progressed, and now it only takes 3-5% of people farming, to feed the world.

Thus most of our jobs are now sedentary and using transportation is increasing also.

Our lifestyle, from always being busy and not enough time for the gym doesn’t help either.

I personally have found that once you start planning your day out in advance and maybe get up a little earlier your whole life will be filled with more abundance because of the time management skills you learn just from that one action alone.

Then you have what is going on in your mind for why you are doing, what you are doing or in some cases not doing.

This is a crucial part of you; your mindset and how you feel about what needs to be done.

Lets take the mindset for dieting because most of the time when someone has been on a diet they do really well and then they stop the regime altogether or will start going back to their old habits and wonders why the weight has gone back on.

Dieting is not the way to go forward.

Unless you change your eating habits completely or stick to the regime, you will go back to how you were because it should be a lifestyle and not just something you do every now and then.

We also go back to old habits and this is the core of everything we do. Some habits are out of our awareness as it goes on in the sub-conscious mind, and, we are consciously aware of what we are doing because of our own awareness, except we are so familiar with it, we believe it’s our life and we feel that is the only way to live.

Whether we have programmed it in to our mind ourselves or from others. EG: parents, schools, friends / people we have trusted, government, television and news papers.

What can trigger off negative habits, is stress, worries, depression, anxiety, negative emotions etc.

Which are all negative feelings we can change.

We know that junk food tastes good and can make us feel better.

This is only a quick fix and not a sustainable way to help you feel more positive because just from the sugar alone it actives your dopamine (feel good hormone) and once that depletes you go back to how you were feeling before and you are also adding extra calories to your weight.

Some people self sabotage and they believe they are not worthy, have low esteem or a trauma from before and the body is sub-consciously protecting itself. These are only self beliefs and we can change them through Hypnosis and NLP.

Negative emotion clearance and emotional state control is always first learnt with me. For the reason; it is your past holding you back; being played over & over again in your sub-conscious mind and not letting you have the life you desire at this moment and your future.

Being aware of Your Emotional State is an important part of your day. Mainly because of all the negative people surrounding your everyday life.

The more positive people you surround yourself with the more happier you will be and starting your day with a Power Pose, certainly helps with your emotional / mental health.

So, how to lose weight fast in 3 steps…

Look at the foods and drinks you are having and add some supplements that appeal to your health goals

Get active, even if it is only a 5 minute workout and then build up to 20-30 mins. (easily done with a bit of planning)

Have more awareness about your habits, negative feelings and the people / triggers that take away your positivity. With Emotional State Control and Mindset Awareness…

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