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How can Thoughts, Negative Feelings and Emotions, play a contributor to physical health?

Let’s start with Headaches because they are the most common type of physical illness.

Experts say they can be related to stress that is built up from our everyday living and the emotion from that stress becomes a emotional trigger, especially for migraines.

This doesn’t always mean you get the migraine straight way, it could have a day or two delayed onset.

Which is known to be called a let down headache. When you have stress the first thing you have to do, is start reducing the source or eliminating it completely.

I like to use the law of cause and effect. If there is a effect in your life that is unwanted change the cause or if there is something you want more of, find out what causes it and do more of that, simple but not always easy.

What is stress?

Stress is from the emotional feelings of Fear and Anger and experiencing many other feelings including anxiety, depression and frustration creating a more negative feeling, especially when they are feeding of from one an other.

Stress then gives you a physical response because it believes it could be under attack in the primalpart of your brain.

When it does this you go into fight or flight mode and start releasing chemicals and hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

You are then ready to take action from the attack; real or perceived. Your senses heighten, beating of your heart becomes more causing blood to run around your body faster, mainly the legs for running, rising of your blood pressure and tightening of your muscles to name a few.

Now you can see how our emotions can and do effect our bodies.

Stress, anxiety, depression, worries, tension and other negative feelings & emotions  gives us a quality of life that is not desirable, and, for that reason alone its time to change what is going on around you.

For the life you want, in a way that feels right for you.


Find the cause and change the effect like your life depends on it; like it does because your thoughts are making you ill and if you are not fit and healthy it will damage you a lot sooner.

Through my own experience and many others, we have found by the right nutrition through foods and supplements and exercising you naturally feel better.

We all know that a good stress buster is working out, be it a run or having a punch on a boxing bag.

Part reason for this is when the hormones kick in like adrenaline and cortisol your body needs to do something and when you don’t especially from the cortisol you can put on weight and have an unbalanced mental health.

Your thoughts and actions help produce your emotions allowing you to have more control on activating more of
your happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine plus many more.

The connection between your mind and body is more than you think ūüí≠

If you think about it; it is all one, so, why wouldn’t it affect each other?

Going through your day, you bump into many negative people and it is your response to those, that shape your day and outlook.

You know the feelings of positive and negative people are different because you feel it yourself, when you have been around these types of people and then, its at that moment that you respond if you go along with that feeling or change it through your own state control, depending if it negative or positive.

Traumas, daily issues and any other situation is the same, it is your response to what happens to you which defines how your body and mind reacts.

Once your body and mind reacts in a certain way a few times it becomes familiar with that action, then it gets triggered and you get the same emotional feelings again quicker from when you react to a certain situation the same way.

This gets stored away, all in your sub-conscious and creates behaviours, which you then follow through in your everyday life and because its all going on in your sub-conscious mind, you are not aware of it.

Anything out of your awareness, is out of your control.


Hypnosis and Nlp can help with changing behaviours and bring more awareness to your conscious mind about your triggers and by helping you set new behaviours and triggers for a more positive outcome in a way that feels right for you.


Have you ever noticed when you need to do something important, you get a minor outbreak; like a cold sore or spots?

These also can be from the stress and even more physical ailments are common with certain emotional states.

These disorders and illnesses from your emotions are different for everyone because we all
have had different experiences and concepts about what happened , there are some patterns that are recognisable, take the headache / migraine, where we associate it with stress.

Lets look at some other ailments that can be associated with your emotional / mental health.

WEIGHT: depending on what has happened to you, your body wants to protect itself from having some kind of attention towards it and most of this is going on in the sub-conscious mind without us even realising it.

BACK: pain in this area depending if top, middle or lower, has different meanings.  Top from lack of emotional support.  Middle associated with fear or anger.  Bottom is usually finance or lack of it, in most cases.

HEADACHES: fear, anger, repressed emotions, feeling under pressure, anxiety.

EYES: when you have problems with your eyes, there could be something blocking, what you don’t want to seefrom your past or future a sense of denial.

HEARING: like eyes, when your hearing has problems it could come from what you have heard and wished that you didn’t because it has angered you.

THROAT: can be from a struggle of not being heard and tension builds up and you could loss your voice or there are changes happing in your life that are hard to explain.

WRISTS: or arthritis in the area represents, resentment and not letting go of the situation.

STOMACH: take IBS for instance which is known to be related to stress.

LEGS: you might feel stuck in a situation and find it hard to move forward in what you are doing.

FEET: with us wearing shoes most of the time it is hard to ground yourself with the earth beneath us. What has, is, and going to be in our life; is a bit of, up in the air and can have uncertainty of what is going on.

These are just a few and this is a very complex area and can be hard to diagnose what causes are related to a certain illness.

With this brief summary you will get an understanding of how; what happens with you and around you, can affect your complete wellness.

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