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How can I beat depression / anxiety?

How can I beat depression / anxiety is one of the biggest questions of today.

Being a health therapist, it is my job to help you find what is the cause and not deal with the problem like doctors do and just give you pills to mask the issue.

For a long time, some of my clients were wondering, why their issues would keep carrying on even though the doctors said that they are doing everything they can.

And as we know more today than when a lot of older doctors, took their degrees.

We can find that alternative treatments work just the same or better, in some cases.

Which started me on a mission to help more people with the skills I have obtained for myself to beat anxiety and depression because we are all the same but uniquely different.

The firstly thing to check is the people around you because if they are negative, you will not be happy through association.

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Secondly is your general health as we live in a world that processes food so much, the nutrition value is very low.

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Thirdly, fitness or activity asĀ our jobs are not as active as they were before and we use transportation to get around.

A 5 minute workout

Last but not least; can / could be from a bad experience from young and have just been lurking in the background of your subconscious and we know something doesn’t feel right except we are not sure why because when it did happen we either was unaware or too young to understand the situation.

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