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Gut, physical & mental health

Gut Health.

We all know not to give children the wrong foods for as the children will not develop into a strong Healthy person.

As babies, we know breast is best and then on to a formula which has all the Nutrition a baby needs to grow Strong & Healthy.

For some reason some adults start to forget this and will after going on to solid foods; start to give children processed food with hardly any Nutrition.

Some reasons could be… its cheaper, the packaging looks healthy but it really isn’t as some marketing is deceiving people or just not educated.

The gut has a brain all of its own which sends signals to the head brain and food is chemicals for your body and by having the right Nutrition, your gut will send better signals to your head brain then on to your Central Nervous System.

This will tell your body, what it is capable of doing (Tiredness V’s Activeness)
from the foods you eat and because of what Nutritional Supplements you have, you feed yourself on a cellular level which means you are feeding your whole body and not just the stomach.

Supplements are simply the easiest way for you to get all the nutrition you want for your health.

Physical Health.

Fitness is for the heart, keeping it Strong and Healthy for there is a lot of information that is transmitted to the body and head brain from the heart.

Did you know that your heart sends more information to the head brain, than, the brain sends to the heart.

Physical Fitness is essential for you to be able to get things done, the Fitter & Healthier you are the more energy you can produce.

I have found that your mental health is contributed by your Physical and Gut health because you do really get your hormones going and have a natural high of feeling very happy.

Depending on what kind of endurance you are looking for, Physical Fitness can be as easy as an extra walk at a faster pace, doing some sitting exercises, riding a bike or even just swimming.

It is amazing how you can easily become active.

A 5 minute workout for those who don’t have time

Feelings, Emotions & Mental Health.

Emotions play the most important part of our life because we will not do anything without an Emotional response.

We either want to feel more of something; happy or less of something; sadness, even though we feel more units of Emotions when having negative feelings.

Emotions are there to guide us and not control us.

As we are not taught about our Emotions it is easy to understand why so many people have Emotional / Mental Health problems as its not the memories in your mind that bothers you, it is the Negative feelings & Emotions the memory brings to you.

Which is the information for your body to tell you what is going on because your body and mind does not communicate in words, it is Feelings, Colours and Symbols that is being transmitted around your mind and  body and to the Universe.

Keeping Fit & Healthy will tremendously help with your Emotional & Mental Health.

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