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Feelings; emotional & physical

All Emotions are feelings but not all feelings are Emotions.

We are easily all aware of our Emotions in one way or another, even if we probably label them in different ways and that is something we really have to try and understand.

We have 2 types of feelings emotional and physical. (even though your emotional feelings are physical)

In the sense that physical means from Eg back pain or soft touch.

If you actually think about it; negative emotional pain (anger, resentment, stress) are in and around your organs EG Heart, Stomach, Head.

Mind and physical pain comes from your organs (body) although your pain receptors are in your brain, that is how you can perceive the pain differences.

I referred to negative pain then but you do also have positive feelings like happiness on the inside and the sun shining on your face.

Then you have sadist who like pain for pleasure.

Emotions are really your hormones in motion (energy in motion = emotion) from the perception in your mind about, what is going on about you.

Be it painful or pleasurable.

No mater what age, gender, nationality you are, Emotions are part of your life and they are there to guide you throughout your life and not control your life.

Some people just go through their day bouncing off other peoples emotions and not even aware of it because, anything out of your awareness is out of your control.

knowing that there are a lot of negative people about, this is one awareness we should all have.

People who are aware, notice and realise what is going on stay away from negative people.

Sometimes you just have to look at their natural state, and see where people are at; are they happy or sad?

Science today is still exploring connections from the physical issues of pain (EG: chronic pain) and how it can be caused by emotional stress, worries and tensions in the mind.

Traumatic events like PTSD is one issue where patients also report chronic pain and illnesses and the same with repressed emotions these can manifest in to physical ailments; of course there are many other factors to be considered like lifestyle such as lack of exercise and foods with less nutritional value for what your body needs.

With just a small tweak with your lifestyle, you can dramatically change your health, even if it is just by being a bit more active throughout the day EG. taking stairs, walking, swimming and your nutrition can be topped up with supplements.

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Nutritional Supplements

Being in control of your healthy active lifestyle will incrementally result in less stress by slowing down your cortisol (stress hormone; a contributor to weight gain) and boosting your testosterone levels (great for bones & muscles) plus you can increase serotonin levels. (happy hormone)

Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy about body posture and our hormones

Ignoring the issues can lead to more serious debilitating issues like your immune systems lack of ability to heal itself, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and general physical & mental health issues.

This is the reason I help with four elements of your health.

Gut health (Nutrition)

Physical health (Exercise)

Mental health
(M.E.L.T / C.U.R.E.D / CMT)

and universal Energies (Reiki)