Stand tall
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Power Poses

This is my No 1 tip for everything.

The power behind this one action is so good; I’ve not found a situation that could not benefit from 2 mins in a power pose.

Starting your day in the right way, feeling good about yourself and the day ahead has got to be the way forward.

Because the success you use from that one action can propel you to success on your next goal of the day and so on… Your day then becomes productive and purposeful. (Presumed goals & plans are set)

This is a great way to tackle negative feelings and emotions.

Especially lowering your stress hormone.

Listen to the science in this Ted Talk about power poses and realise that it will set off at least another 4 more hormones than just the two Amy Cuddy speaks about for the life you want, in a way that feels right for you.

Here I go into more detail on how the pose can help in different situations.

I made a mistake about what I said about the oxytocin being your natural pain relief because it is your endorphins not your oxytocin.

Oxytocin is your cuddle and trust hormone which means it still can make you feel better about yourself.

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