DR Leigh Albury DCMT, M.E.L.T


Psycho / Physio Alignment of Changing Emotions


Complete Unconscious Reprogramming for Emotional Distress and dis-ease


Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques


Complete Mind Therapy


Virtual Gastric Band

Certifiably with 5 Distinctive Sessions in Hypnotherapy and NLP  from the 300 + hours of training that was received and also from my continuous lifetime development Diplomas for Weight Loss, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Health & Fitness plus more NCFE academic certifications.

My advanced techniques for simply getting you to your desired place, are very simple, yet, very effective in a safe manner for your level of Emotional / mental health.

Helping advice for you by nutrition & exercise. This is definitely one of my fundamental keys to generate the feel good factor within yourself.

Positively at the age of 43, I’ve never felt so strong & healthy from the regime I teach.

I am a Dr in Metaphysics and also a reiki master/teacher.

How does this all fit together?

It is about your wellbeing of gut, physical and emotional / mental health and keeping them healthy in a way that will help you keep fit enough to chase your dreams with happy Positive Patterns to attract what you want, in a way that feels right for you.

Looking after your Health is essential using approximately 1 hour throughout your day with good planning [time management] you will be surprised how much better you will feel and want to go get what you really desire.

For the life you want, the way you want it, in a way that feels right for you.

Simply have a look around and see if what I do is mutually a fit for you, because personal development and keeping healthy for a more fulfilled life is not a regime everyone has.

My mission is to help you, one day at a time with positive feelings using Liberating Techniques and by complete nutrition advice.

For the life you want, in a way that feels right for you.

Wow, I was really sceptical about doing the techniques, then I got the results I wanted plus I found them very easy to use, whenever I needed them again for other issues.

Avril Simpson


I’ve never felt so relaxed, what an unforgettable journey.