What is this positively all about?

It is greatly about your complete wellbeing (gut, physical, emotional & mental health) and keeping them safely in a way that will help you happily keep fit & healthy enough to chase your dreams with wonderfully happy Positive Patterns to attract what you want, in a way that feels right for you and ethically using the law of attraction to focus on what you really want to have, be and do.

Honestly looking after your Health is by essentially using approximately 1 hour throughout your day with good planning [time management] and you certainly will be surprised how much better you will likely feel and want to go after what you really and most importantly desire.

Simply have a look around and see if what I kindly do is mutually a fit for you, because truthfully personal development and keeping healthy for a more fulfilled life is not a regime everyone has.

My mission is too faithfully help you, one day at a time with Positive Patterns by using Liberating Techniques and by complete nutrition advice. (vegan and gluten free friendly)

For the life you want, in a way that feels right for you.

My advanced techniques for simply getting you to your desired place, are very simple, yet, very effective in a safe manner for your level of wellness.

Also helping advice for you by nutrition & exercise. This is definitely one of my fundamental keys to generate the feel good factor within yourself.

Positively at the age of 43, I’ve never felt so strong, confident & healthy from the regime I teach.

Certifiably with 6 Distinctive Sessions in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Holistic practice and also from my continuous lifetime personal development Diplomas for Weight Loss, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Health & Fitness plus more…

DR Leigh Albury DCMT, M.E.L.T

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Certificates, diplomas and degree

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Amazing after only a few sessions I have managed to pretty much give up smoking thanks Leigh.

I am now a healthier person for it.

Liz Harper

For smoking

I saw Leigh a few weeks back for a hypnotherapy session and I have been feeling better ever since.

Leigh is a great man and explained everything fully to me, just goes to show that it is mind over matter and I would recommend him to anybody that is interested in improving their life…

Leo de Cilia

General Wellbeing