How TO Lower Your Stress Without Pills…

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STRESS is known as the SILENT KILLER because we all have Stress and we are unable to see what it does to our bodies until sometimes its too late.

Let me ask you this…

When you are stressed is it from what is going on the outside of you or is it from how you a reacting?

The chances are, it is more from how you are reacting to the situation because we all have a choice in how we react through our Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

In times of uncertainty we all experience more stress and a increase in the negative emotions connected to it and my intention is to help you with these feelings before they bring on other illnesses.

Little did I know when I first learnt about the techniques for controlling your emotional state it would have a profound effect on other areas of the mind & body.

Stress releases the hormone Cortisol and when we have too much in our body the effect it has on our health is tremendous.

When you go to the doctors, what is it they normally give you?

Thats right pills!

Don’t get me wrong sometimes when the symptoms are severe enough you may need them…

When you have more stress your health will decrease and have a look at the areas it can effect and how it is affected.

Your health is not limited to these symptoms nor will it always bring them on as we are all different in how we react to stress.

Physical Health:


• Fatigue

Heart Disease

• Strokes

Heart Attacks

• Lung Conditions can get worse

Emotional & Mental Health:


• Anxiety

Low Self-Esteem

• Sleep Problems

Negative Thinking

• Memory Problems

Gut Health:


• Constipation

IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome)

• Loss of Appetite

Digestive Problems

• Increase in Stomach Acid

All just from having too much Stress…

Your immune system is also affected and you need a strong immune system to help protect your body from infection and disease.

Controlling your emotional state is one of the best ways to help with your Stress because how you think and feel has an enormous effect on how you react which means by

having a Positive Emotional State you have more control over the effects of the Cortisol which is being released.

Your physiology is powerful enough to take over your psychology and the reason why The techniques I use are simple yet very effective and this way you can easily learn them for yourself.

Once we clear your Negative Emotions you will feel a lot better about yourself and Feeling good within yourself helps boost your immune system and lower your cortisol at the same time.

“You have the power to feel good, no matter what happens”

Being a complete health therapists we look into the 4 main aspects of your wellbeing.

  1. Emotions

  2. Mental health

  3. Physical

  4. Gut

Stress can come from all of these areas and when you know how to manage them in a safe way your whole outlook and feelings change in a way that feels right to you.

Allow us to help you in these Stressful times because there are many ways to control your Stress and the Negative Emotions connected to it by using your Emotional Intelligence. (EQ)

Which means this way you won’t need to go to your doctor for pills and will save you money plus you will have the techniques to use for the rest of your life.

The techniques we will go through; you can also show your family and friends so they can also benefit.

All this can be done remotely through zoom (download here for free) which means you can be in the comfort of your home and we can all keep each other safe.

We offer all prospective clients a free consultation to determine if your case is a fit for our methods.

After passing our screening, we’ll discuss strategies and tactics to help you get your case resolved in the shortest amount of time possible; when you are finally ready to schedule your free consultation, we will get you an appointment as soon as possible.

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P.S. I am confident enough to say, if you do not think and feel different about your situation within the first session, I will give you a 100% guarantee on your money back.

Because once you have cleared the negative emotions from your past, your life can be better which means it is your Negative Emotions holding you back and these feelings can be changed.


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After eliminating the negative feelings causing my bad habits and reducing my appetite through the gastric band process, we made healthy plans for the future on health & fitness.

Dr Leigh was throughly knowledgeable in this area and I am extremely thankful for all he has done by helping me to do this in a very safe manner.


Kelly Lawless Xx

Virtual Gastric Band

Amazing after only a few sessions I have managed to pretty much give up smoking thanks Leigh.

I am now a healthier person for it.

Liz Harper

For smoking